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Customer Check is a secure network for business owners to anonymously search and report bad customers for around 24 cents per day!


  • Never Paid
  • Demanded Refund
  • Small Claims Actions
  • Damaged Property
  • Unreasonable Expectations
  • Time Wasters
  • Unfair Negative Reviews
  • Great Customers


Your customers can research reviews before selecting a business.  Now you can quickly and anonymously protect your business from risk factors such as money disputes, missed appointments, unreasonable expectations, and much more by reviewing filed reports on a potential customer before you decided to do business with them.


When a potential customer contacts your business it only takes a few seconds to search the private database with our custom tools.  After the job is complete, you can report your experience with that customer (positive or negative) safely and anonymously.

Customer Check - Businesses Avoiding Bad Customers

Unlimited Search and Reporting for about 24 cents per day!

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Know before you go

Avoiding bad customers is critical. It only takes a few seconds to research potential customers to reduce your risk, protect your business, and keep your customer experiences positive ones. Through our anonymous reporting tool, you can share your experiences with other members in a private and secure environment.

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  • Can a member see I made the report?

    No. You will receive a personal ID number that will be visible on the reports but your business name will never be posted.

  • Can anyone at see it was me who filed a report?

    Yes. The Admins of can see what business specifically made the report. This information will only be used if we need to contact you.

  • Will a customer know I filed the report?

    No. Each report is assigned a random number that cannot be traced back to you. Your business information remains completely anonymous.

  • How do you keep the customers’ information secure?

    Protecting the privacy of everyone in our database is our highest priority. This is not a downloadable database of every report ever filed. See the How it Works page for more information.

  • I signed up and was approved, now what?

    Start reporting! You can go back in time as far as you would like to go. This site is available 24/7 for you to report, search, and protect your business.

  • The issue was resolved can I modify my complaint?

    Yes, you can contact admins and they will make any changes you request to your reports. However, we will not grant change requests to reports you did not file.

  • Is it Legal?

    Yes. You have the right to share your experiences with others. Our search tool requires a perfect match before a positive result can be made, therefore no new personal information is ever "shared". Finally, our search and reporting tools only utilize the customer's phone number. Our database doesn't store any customer's address or other private information. If a customer gives you an unlisted number it remains unlisted and secure in our database. See the How it Works page for any further concerns.

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