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Customer Check helps businesses avoid bad customers with secure search and reporting tools


We all know, “The customer is not always right.”  Sometimes things go wrong, and a customer becomes challenging to deal with or refuses to pay.  Maybe they wasted your time with multiple callbacks or canceled a job without notifying you in advance.   Customer check is the opposite of Angie’s List, Yelp, or Google Reviews – now businesses can post reviews about their customers from a PC or smartphone.


Great customers are the key to a successful business, why not brag to the world about them?  Most people choose a restaurant based on good reviews so why not choose the best customers to do business with based on reviews?  Many reports on our site are positive, however, most are reports of being ripped off in one way or another.  With Customer Check, our members have the tools to make informed decisions on who to do business with and who to avoid.


Have you ever wanted to post a review about a customer and tell your side of the story, but thought it was impossible or even illegal?  Now you can with Customer Check!  Our site was designed with the help of a legal team in Ames, IA to create the first site that allows businesses to post reviews legally and anonymously without violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Our unique design protects the privacy of both the business member as well as the privacy of the reported customer.  Best of all the customer never knows you posted the review and your business information is never associated with any posted review.  Search and report as often as you like in complete anonymity.

Customer Check - Businesses Avoiding Bad Customers

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Your customers can review you; now you can review them!

Your customers can write and read reviews on dozens of sites to share their experiences and make informed decisions.  As a member of Customer check, you can do the same – only in reverse.

All businesses have a list of customers who they love and those they never want to do business with again, so we created a site that allows them to securely and anonymously post reviews on their customers.

We all want to do business with excellent customers while trying to avoid the bad ones.  Until now it was like navigating a minefield blindfolded.  Knowing who the best customers are in your neighborhood has never been easier to find!  You can safely share your experiences with other members because everything you do on our site is kept entirely confidential and anonymous.  We never share any information with anyone outside of the membership.  Ever.

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