About Us

CustomerCheck.net is the first site that allows business owners to anonymously post reviews of prior customers; read reviews about prospective customers who have expressed a desire to do business with them, and make informed decisions based on submitted reviews.

This is accomplished safely and anonymously through our unique search and reporting tool, which provides a way for our members to quickly search our database of submitted reports, even while they are on the phone with a potential new customer. This database is updated daily by our growing list of members.

We all know customers can post and read reviews of local businesses on dozens of sites in order to make informed decisions. Now our members can do the same – only in reverse.

CustomerCheck.net members can search reviews and avoid problems with potential customers who have been reported for: Money Disputes, Contract Disputes, Difficult to Work With, Time Waisters, or Left an Unfair Review. However, members can also leave a positive review if a customer was great to work with because we all want to know who are the best customers.

CustomerCheck.net works a lot like an auto dealership. The dealership management doesn’t worry about the credit ratings of people casually walking around the lot, until that customer decides to purchase a car. At that point, the dealership reviews posted credit details that have been reported by other businesses in order to make an informed decision before making an offer.

If you have ever had a bad customer in the past, you can anonymously leave a review about your experience. As soon as you sign up, you can begin posting reviews on your customer experiences as far back in time as you wish to go. The larger the database, the more protected our members become.

So, if you are tired of not knowing all of the facts about your next customer, join the growing network of local businesses that are changing the way business is done at Customercheck.net

Matthew Winfrey, CEO & Co-Founder

I have been a small business owner for over 13 years. Most of the time it is a thrill to do what I love and provide for my family.  However, during that time I have had my fair share of customers that were very difficult and caused many sleepless nights. I’ve been to small claims court, hired collection agencies, and had to chase down several bad checks over the years. I’ve been called back several times for false warranty claims and even walked away from money I had earned just to appease a difficult customer.  In fact, there were times I wished I would never have accepted the job.

The question is – How much would you pay to potentially avoid a future bad experience that costs you time and money?

I am not only the Co-Founder of CustomerCheck.net, I am also an active member.