Post reviews about customers

As a business owner, landlord, or technician, have you ever wanted to post a review about a customer?  As we all know, our customers can post reviews on dozens of sites and apps.  Not only can they post reviews, but 87% of people read at least one review before deciding on a product or service.  Worst of all, many people have weaponized posting reviews to damage a business or get discounts or other perks.  Why?  Because everyone knows one or two bad reviews can sink a business.  Google, Facebook, Yelp, Home Advisor, Angie, and many others don’t care what happens to a business; they don’t even care if the review is real!  Meanwhile, businesses are charged hundreds if not thousands of dollars monthly for advertising, premium listings, and highlighted profiles.  Google alone made over 146 BILLION dollars in 2021 – a 50% increase over 2022.  That’s $400,000,000 every day.  Most of that money comes from PPC and Google Map Ads.  Hopefully, every small business that supports Google with PPC also saw a 50% increase in gross sales.

Until recently, nearly every review posted was from the customer’s perspective.  As business owners, we could only respond to a published review.  Sort of like the old phrase, “Don’t speak unless spoken to.”  Things are beginning to change.  Uber and Lyft allow their drivers to rate their customers; eBay and other online auction sites allow sellers to leave basic ratings about a transaction.

And now, for the first time, businesses can post reviews about their customers at   No need to wait to respond to a published review; businesses are now empowered to tell their side of the story without fear of reprisal.  As a member of, you can search and post as many reviews as you like from a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone.  Best of all, every review you post is logged anonymously, and the information is only available to other members.

Have you ever had a customer who refused to pay or had unrealistic expectations?  Until now, the best you could do was try your luck in small claims court or walk away.  Why?  Because of the threat of a negative review!  Until now, how could the plumber tell the following contractor they never got paid?  It was nearly impossible!

That’s why we created in 2018.  We have members from all over the country who have posted thousands of reviews about demanding customers.  Not one member has reported a problem!  We worked diligently with a developer and a legal team when we designed the site.

As a member of, you can post a review about a current customer or even a situation that happened in the past.  Your membership also allows you to search the database whenever a customer contacts you for your services.  It only takes a few seconds to search.

Bad customers are out there – don’t wait for another bad situation before joining.