How it works


As a member of CustomerCheck, you have immediate access to thousands of posted reviews from other business owners all over the US.  Every time a new customer contacts your business, simply search the database from your laptop or smartphone to see if there are any posted reviews on that prospective customer.

Customer Check customer search

As a member, you also have the ability to post reviews on as many previous customers as you wish, no matter how far back the job was completed.  Grab that blacklist of bad customers and start reporting!  All of the reviews you file are kept anonymous, and the customer will never know you posted the review.

Customer Check example customer review

Finally, tell other business owners to join as well.  The more members who join in your area, the more reports will be filed, and the better protected you will all become against falling victim to another bad customer because you didn’t know before you accepted the job.


Search and report your experiences in just a few seconds!