How it works

Watch this quick video to learn how you can search for bad customers quickly and easily:   

Search and report bad customer experiences in just a few steps:

1) When a potential customer contacts you, quickly search the database by their phone number.

2) If the person you are speaking with is in our database, you can click on their name to read the report(s) filed. If they are NOT in our database, simply search again when another potential customer contacts you.

If you need to file a report, then you will be prompted to add them to the database.

3) You can confirm the correct name, address and phone number on file as well as read the posted report entered by another anonymous member.

If you also need to file a report on this person, you would click ADD REPORT to file your review anonymously.

You could also request an address/phone number updated if needed.

4) This report screen is found under your profile, where you can see all of the reports you have filed in one, convenient area. Here you can review over past reports and/or request changes on previously filed reports.

**Only the original member who posted the report can request a change in status. For instance – the customer finally paid, you had to file in small claims court, or your found out they left a bad review.

5) You can contact us if you need to request a change to your report or if you are having any technical issues with the site. This contact form goes to a private, admins only, inbox.