Privacy Concerns

Can a member see I made the report?

No. You will receive a personal ID number that will be visible on the reports, but your business remains completely anonymous.

Can anyone at see it was me who filed a report?

Yes. The Admins of can see what business specifically made the report. We will only use this information if we need to contact you about a statement you filed.

Will a customer know I filed the report?

No, unless you want to tell them. Feel free to let your customer know you are posting a great review about them.   Your business information is kept secure, and we will not contact the customer.

How do you keep the customers’ information secure?

We use SSL encryption for the database, and only a perfect match from a search will produce a result. Generic searches are not allowed; in other words, members cannot search the database for everyone in a zip code.  Protecting the privacy of our members and everyone in our database is our highest priority.

I signed up and was approved, now what?

Start posting reviews and use the search tool from your desktop or smartphone when a customer contacts you!  Go as far back in time as you want to file as many reports as you would like.  This site is available 24/7 for you to report, search, and protect your business.

The issue changed can I modify my review?

Yes, you can contact admins, and they will make any changes you request on any review you filed.

Is this legal?

Yes.  You have the right to share your experiences with others.  We do not publicly share any information about your customers. You are not liable for slander since posted reviews are only available to members who have generated a specific search query for the sole purpose of conducting business.